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I really don't understand how this isn't a high priority for the Devs? The game in high ranks is just full of them. I've played 5 games in a row.. literally every game has about 3 m&k users.

I know I'm going to get the usual scripted copy and paste reply. I've seen multiple threads about this and it's the same reply again and again. But I need to vent somewhere and I suppose this forgotten forum is the place for it to go.

Every time I encounter one I hit the report button. I'm not going to spend my time recording clips and filling out a form about a cheater. This isn't my job. I payed to play the game the way it was intended. Not going against people that think rank is life and buying a £100 piece of plastic that gives them a massive advantage. I enjoy the game for what it is not what rank I can get. Which in this day of gaming is rare. As all the kids are trying their hardest to get "content" for their YouTube/twitch channels hoping they get famous for it. When in reality... no one cares.
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Hello EnPro23, thank you for your post and your feedback on this.

If you do come across MnK players and you believe you have evidence that shows this, please get in touch with us as we do take action on these reports and continue to report them to our Siege security team as well as address them in our Siege blog updates.

If you do not wish to record a clip, please continue to use the Report A Player tool in game, as this will flag that players account as well as time and date of the match and server location.

Thank you for your help.