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Hi me and some of my friends have so many problem with this error.

  • I did every thing that you told to others such as network resets or Host file reset

but non of them works for me and others!
please check this error that showed up after this new update and help us to fix it!
I did every step of DNS resets but non of them works!
just answer me as soon as possible please!

2 months ago - ubi-smash - Direct link

Hey there, @Kataki_TLM! Apologies for the belated message. If you have also exhausted the additional steps shared in our connectivity troubleshooting guide and continue to receive the same error message, please keep us posted by reaching out to our page here and providing a copy of your system files and also a screenshot of your forwarded ports from the connection article above as they have more specialized assistance.

Any questions you may have, please let us know.