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I’ve tried restarting the game and everyone on my team and most of the enemy team has restarted their games and we haven’t loaded in yet. We played the first round no problems and the 2nd is being a [censored], it’s ridiculous that this happens in an 8 year old game that’s updated often. I also got an abandon sanction this season when the game disconned me and wouldn’t let me reconnect even after restarting my game and Xbox.
gamertag: MLG F1N

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Hey @finredinger

I'm sorry to hear you couldn't load into that match. If it happens, we can only suggest restarting the game unfortunately and trying to reconnect quickly whilst the match is still ongoing but if it happened to everyone, then the match will have ended. Regarding the abandon sanction, this is intended behaviour as there's no way for the game to know that you didn't purposely disconnect and couldn't rejoin due to an issue. I'm afraid we can't remove those sanctions if they happen.