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I was playing a ranked game just now when suddenly I experienced insane rollbacks until all characters in game came to a standstill. I got a connection time out (server sided) and immediately got a 1 hour ban for "leaving" the match. This wasn't my fault and even if I wouldve left, the game still had a couple of rounds back so if it would be my own connection I wouldve been able to join back.

A one hour ban isn't so bad, but this couldve happened with a longer ban. I think this is uncalled for since the problem wasn't on my end in the first place. Please fix this @Ubisoft.

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Hello @Nayomai

Sorry to hear about your resulting sanction, after disconnecting in R6S.

Please note, Ubisoft Support is unable to overturn any sanctions placed on an account. However, we have a connectivity guide available to ensure that you have the best connection to R6S possible, to help prevent disconnection in future.

Should you find that this happens often, please be in touch so that we may look into the matter further for you.

Many thanks.