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the strategy is simple you and your buddies convince a team mate to bring grenades on attacker side, and spawn in the same location, you tell them to follow or you follow them and the moment the player takes out the grenade to throw you kill them and everyone jumps onto the grenade making the player team kill "on purpose" which promptly kicks said player giving them a temporary ban while the people are all laughing like trolls. the team killing system needs to be fixed to recognize when something like this happens otherwise players and new players alike getting tricked into this toxic troll move are gonna get temp bans for something they didnt do when they were just trying to be a teammate by bringing grenades to help the team. something like if a player holding a grenade is killed the TK system wont kick them automatically only asks the other teammates if they want to kick the player, i know the kick system is getting removed soon but it doesnt matter if players can just kick naive players by making them teamkill like this, and usually they do this because the players doing this cant get a unanimous vote to kick in the first place.
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Hey MakkiTakko,

Thank you for reaching out to us and bringing this up.

If you do ever encounter similar activity in the future, can you let us know the usernames of the players involved and also, if possibly, either a video footage showing this or a screenshot of the scoreboard with the players involved would be beneficial, as we would then be able to forward the details to our game team, who could investigate the matter further. Please do note that it is also good if you can recall the exact time of the game, as it will aid us when reviewing the report.

However, when it comes to player reporting, you can either do it in-game, or if you would rather bring it up to ourselves, you can reach out via one of the following channels, since player reporting on forums is against our forum rules:

1. Support website
2. Facebook
3. Twitter

Hope this helps. Should you have any questions, let us know!

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