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ACS12 Shotgun (Alibi and Maestro) & TCSG-12 Shotgun (Kaid and Goyo) are very inconsistent to finished the "Competitive Shotgun Master" weekly challenges or the Battle Pass challenges, in some weeks the kills are registered as a shotgun kill but some weeks it doesn't.

Same issue happen to Kapkan's EDD and Caveira's Luison pistol. These gadget usually and should be registered as a gadget kill for the "Competitive Gadget Master" weekly challenges, somehow sometimes it doesn't register as well.

Please fix the inconsistency!
19 days ago - Ubi-Thrupney - Direct link
Thanks very much for pointing that out to us, The_Mocker21 - we really appreciate it! We'd want your kills to count for their respective challenges, so we'd like to investigate further.

First, can you look at our connectivity guide? Challenges not updating can suggest something causing issues with your connection.In particular, from that article, please remember to reset your network hardware, switch to a wired connection (if possible, and if you aren't already), and work with your ISP to enable UPnP, forward the listed ports, and make sure your NAT is open.

If the problem persists, can you let me know? It'd be great if you could show me some video footage of the challenge not updating at the appropriate time, but no worries if that's not possible Thanks again for your help.