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I went to go play with my mate and he has the ps5 and I have a pc and we never got to play because ps is only consoled crossplay and pc is only pc crossplay and it was annoying is there a way that can be changed

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@wogplays Hey! Rainbow Six: Siege currently supports cross-play and cross-progression between different consoles in the same family, and between PC and Stadia.

This means you can move your progress between either your PC and Stadia account, your PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, or your Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

You can also matchmake with others on the same platform family as you.

In early 2022 cross-play will become available between Xbox and PlayStation consoles, and cross-progression will be available between all platforms.

To make use of these features, you will need to link the same Ubisoft account to the relevant platform accounts you want to play on.

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