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this is the 3rd time i'm posting a topic and still getting the usuall BOT answers.
last time i checked and figured it out where was the problem and its on attacker side.
On game, when i start playing as an operator while on attacker side, game suddenly crashes with no reason, no error, it just crashes.
but in defender side its all fine untill it goes to killcam (which is still on attacker side) and then crashes.
make it fix already, many ppl on this community and bunch of my friends have the same problem
atleast pretend that you care for your customers!
25 days ago - UbiKoality - Direct link
Hello there, JaCoBReaper! I deeply apologize for any inconvenience or frustration that this may have caused you. Where else have you posted about this? Also, have you tried reaching out to our team at support.ubi.com for assistance?
25 days ago - UbiKoality - Direct link
Thank you for letting me know, JaCoBReaper. You would need to request a refund from your regional Store team. Can you let me know the case number you created for this instance? I would be glad to review it further.

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