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I'm already tired of writing hundreds of times the same message. What should regular players do in such a case? Reports dont help, after my report, the person played a dozen more games. The latest patch has increased the number of such players dozens of times. I see champions at 59-75 lvl with a KDA of 2.5-4.6. I will delete this game until next season.
Thank you.
My report here. [Redacted by Ubisoft Support]

"Good afternoon, dear developers! And the people who are responsible for the safety of the game.

I want to wish you success and productive work in 2023 in the fight against cheaters.

I'm a casual player who wants to have a quiet time in R6 after work and doesn't try to reach 800 Champion in Ranked. I have played 2100 hours, even with two "wars" in my country and my region. I'm from Ukraine.

Would you like to clarify when I can play my favorite game without cheaters? after all, after the introduction of the new calibration system, there were many times more of them, and due to the constant influx of players with level 50 and KDA 3.4-5.0 in the rating battle, I can’t move on. Please clarify this issue also for my discord subscribers.

I will be very grateful for the solution of the issue, and also ask you to notify me of the resolution of this issue directly to my mail. (you have the email) because if you dont plan to change anything in this situation, then I would like to receive your official response in order to simply remove your game from my main list and demand a refund for 8 years for non-compliance with the rules of the PRIVACY POLICY. Thanks you.

The players in this team played together. This can be seen on the video. I checked their status in R6 Tracker."

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Thank you for reaching out to us with these concerns.

I have had to remove the video link from your post as per our no 'Naming and Shaming' policy, noted in our Forum Rules.

We have sufficient anti-cheating facilities in place to detect and sanction those found to be in breach of the Rainbow Six: Siege Code of Conduct as well as a team reviewing reports sent to us via players.

Please report any players you believe to be in breach via the in-game function.

If you're unable to report them in-game and a serious incident has taken place, you're also welcome to pass evidence and details of this to us via the Help Site.

For privacy purposes, the outcome of any player report will not be shared.

If you have any further queries, please let us know.

Thank you!

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