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Greetings, The problem I've been having for about 1 month is this and I couldn't find a solution and this event has come to the degree of cooling from the game..
Here is the situation;
The game crashes in Character Selection, Game Start, Mid-Game and freezes without any error, and then the send crash report feature appears and it takes too long to restart the game, I miss the rounds, I miss the game. Anyone who knows the solution please help, thanks.

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Hello @Geekh0tz, sorry to hear your game is crashing.

You mentioned you were asked to send a crash report so I am going to assume you are playing on PC? (Please correct me if I am wrong)

I have a guide I would like you to run through to try and help resolve these crashes - this guide covers permissions, hardware, software, drivers, and corrupted installation files, that could potentially cause this > https://www.ubisoft.com/en-gb/help/article/000061047

Should these steps not resolve this issue for you, please let us know as there may be a few other things we can advise or we can create a support ticket for you to investigate this in further detail.

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