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Note: this is already being researched by the higher ups, I just wanna know if anyone else has this issue.
So basically I bought GRFS on steam and binded it to my uplay and played it for basic 3 hours but even after troubleshooting it still didn't give me the option to claim it.
I wanna know if anyone else here has this problem with their steam copy or their uplay copy and that they can't claim the skin from the rainbow six siege rewards centre, it could just be an outdated code issue.
I remember a while ago I actually completed the story mode on 100% and played the final mission with a full squad but it didn't give me the AUG skin for IQ.
Again, someone speak up if this also happened to you.
20 days ago - Ubi-Thrupney - Direct link
Hey The.Quiet.Kid, thanks for your posts about this. Sorry to hear you haven't received the Siege rewards for playing Future Soldier.

We're not always able to help directly with this issue - it's a complicated issue currently being investigated. Sincerest apologies that my colleagues weren't able to unlock that for you on the spot, but we're looking to have a resolution in place as soon as we can.

Let me know if you've any other thoughts or questions about this in the meantime