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Ive noticed 3 things recently in the operator tab on the main menu

1.the stats are not updating, this one is obvious and thankfully ubi should be fixing that soon

2. When selecting specific operators or looking at the showcase operators, their weapon camo are back to default and attachments are different than my own but when going into the loadout screen it shows the correct info

3.when looking at mute with the season pass uniform his hand gripping the trigger is slightly warped when holding the mp5k plus the fact it has the problems it the observation above

The bottom 2 are minimal stuff that doesnt affect anything in game but i care for my stats very much, for im about to have my 4th op with 1000 kills and i need my stats for this. I trust in ubi to address these soon
over 3 years ago - UBI-Froggard - Direct link

We are aware of the main issue you have listed with the stats and it is being investigated to have that fixed, yes.

Your other 2 issues, whilst they may not affect anything for you, we can still report them as I'm not aware of those being reported already. Could you provide any screenshots or a link to a video showing them? If video please separate the issues in 2 videos, as we would need to create separate reports for each issue.