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I have submitted multiple tickets to Ubisoft support, Dm'd Ubisoft support Twitter multiple times asking for clarity on this issue and got my first response back today, talking about a completely different issue that's not even related to mine. This new season has been out for over a month, and I still have not received what I paid for all the way back in March, I am usually not one to complain, but the ghosting, and talking to me about different issues after over a month of waiting for a response has gotten me a little on edge. All I want is the operator, and the battlepass, that is it. I play on Steam....

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Hi @BaNaNaMAN49a

I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with your Y7 pass for Season 4.

Thanks for providing details about the issue too! I checked and you just got a reply on your support case, could you check it out please?

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