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I am pretty new to rainbow six and only played few times, got an email that I was permanently banned for cheating, not sure how that can be happening with using Steam and Uplay only, no add-ons or anything else (I don't even know how it's possible.) my stats are probably pretty bad actually as I just started to play Rainbow six siege!

email title:
Your account has been permanently banned for Cheating

I opened a case to know what exactly happened, I know it's not for verbal/written comments as I never spoke or wrote on any game.. seem to have alot of users in the same position, and the case seem to be unuseful as it seem to be updated by a bot or something..

anyway to have details on how/why that happened, as I know for a fact that I didn't do anything wrong..
Ubisoft Support Ticket: 13785941
8 days ago - UbiKoreanBBQ - Direct link
Hey there christian.dion, thank you for reaching out, and I'm sorry to hear you've received a ban in Rainbow Six Siege. I've reviewed the entirety of your ticket and see that the team reviewed your account and activity before issuing the denial to your appeal. If you would like to further appeal your ban, you will need to reach out to BattlEye Support. There they have the tools to view the reasoning and provide feedback.

BattlEye Support can be contacted here.

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