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title, the game doesn't actually crash but if i click on it from the taskbar it does the same thing again. i can hear the menu music for a split second while the screen is black. iirc it used to work well a few months ago but i redownloaded it today and now it's not working.
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Hey j1nduri, thanks for reaching out and I am sorry to hear about the issue you've been having.

I've had a look at the video footage you're sent and can see what you're referring to (P.S. that's a beautiful background you got there! ), therefore first, could you advise us if you're using Vulkan or DX API? Depending on which one you've tried it with, I would suggest to consider testing with the other one and just see whether problem remains. For more information, click here

Additionally, if you haven't already, try completing steps outlined in the following article, starting of by verifying your game files first, and see whether issue persists.

Keep us updated and should you have any questions, let us know!

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