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Hey there, I'm thinking about buying Rainbow Six Siege on Steam after previously playing it via the Ubisoft Connect PC application. If I buy the game on steam will my progress from the Ubisoft app transfer over?

about 1 year ago - Ubi-DeskLamp - Direct link

Heya @SlipsIsTaken! Siege progress on PC is tied to your Ubisoft account, so if you purchase a Steam copy and link it to the account you originally played on, then all of your stuff will still be there. Alternatively, you can add the Ubisoft copy to your Steam library as a non-Steam game and save yourself some money like Lie-nus suggested!

about 1 year ago - Ubi-DeskLamp - Direct link

@SlipsIsTaken In that case you could always just purchase the game from our store directly instead, which I believe you can even do before your Game Pass subscription runs out.

Or you can still just purchase it through Steam, whichever you prefer! 🙂

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