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I've spent so much money and time into rainbow six siege (playstation 4 & 5) over the past 7 years. I've also took a big break from this game over the past year or two tbh but I saw some people playing it on the internet so it made me want to get back into grinding the game like i used to. I get on, play a couple rounds with my friends, was doing decent (not the best) then get off. Then decide I want to play it on a different console. So I buy it while its on sale on pc. I download the game, open it up just to be told I was perma banned for "cheating". Mind you, I JUST opened the game. So with that said, I didn't even get to play one game just to be told that. It also told me I was level 12??? Thats very confusing because I just bought the game? I did buy the game on my old laptop 4/5 years ago, but I wasn't able to fully play it without it rubberbanding me and crashing. It let me play one sitaution, then I played half of one game but my laptop couldnt handle it So i just got off entirely and never opened it back up again. Here we are in 2022, where I buy the game don't even get to play one game and I was immediately perma banned for "cheating". so you know, me not really caring about that account since I never got to play it I didnt submit a ticket I just took the L because I didn't know what else to do. So couple weeks after I get banned on pc, I decide I want to get on and play rainbow and buy another elite skin on playstation 5, as soon as I open it, It tells me that I'm perma banned for "cheating"...at this point im furious because ONE I dont cheat. TWO i finally decide to submit a ticket last monday on 12/12/22 still hasnt been open and no one has gotten back to me and its 12/22/22. so I submit another ticket hoping someone can help me. and at this point im here posting on this hoping someone will help or someone can relate to what I'm dealing with. Im so confused on why I would get perma banned on both accounts for cheating when I don't cheat. I don't believe in cheating when it comes to games. There is no point in cheating in a game, where is the fun in that? for me, fun is playing the game how its supposed to be played. its about learning how to play the game, spending time and money into something that you support. there is no point in playing a game if you feel you have to cheat. you can't say youre good at a game if youre cheating. the cheating mechanics are doing it for you so where is the ego boost in that? might sound dumb but I don't cheat for that very reason. i rather suck at the game entirely than to be better than everyone by cheating. its ridiculous. At this point I'm ranting and venting but im super annoyed knowing that all those elite skins I bought along with all the guns skins and battle passes and being 180+ level has gone down the drain for something I don't do. I could understand if I actually was cheating then i'd just take the L for it, but I seriously don't cheat and the problem is, So many people in this community cheat so its hard for people like me who don't cheat to be believed. it sucks. is there any way for anyone to help me? is there anyone who can relate and tell me if you've gotten help or gotten it resolved?

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Hello @Parafanatic,

Players can appeal a game ban on their account and ask our agents to double check their ban was applied correctly, by creating a private support case with us on our website.
If you would like to appeal a ban, you can get in touch with us about this, via this link > https://www.ubisoft.com/help/contact

I can see you already opened a ticket with us about this issue, we are receiving a high amount of contacts from players over the holidays, an agent will reply to you via email as soon as they are able.
We are unable to discuss players' bans in our forum in detail, so this thread will be closed. Thank you for understanding.