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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Hello Realm Royale friends!

Below are the hotfix notes along with some thoughts to go along with it!

  • Decreased Movement speed by 12%
  • Decreased Health by 15%

Dev note: Players were communicating that Goblins were too much of a chore to hunt down. We lowered the speed and health to make it a bit easier for players to get their hands on their loot.

Auto Sniper
  • The Common version of this item has been removed from your first pull out of a chest
  • Increased Damage from 560/640/720/800 ➡️ 580/660/740/820
  • Decreased Refire rate from 1.2 ➡️ 1.1

Dev Note: Players were getting frustrated with getting the auto sniper out of their first chest, making it a bit weird to engage with on drop.

Lightfoot Potion
  • Decreased Pre fire from .2s ➡️ .1s
  • Increased Effect radius from 27.5 ➡️ 40
  • Changed Cooldown from 22/21/20/19 ➡️ 23//22/20/18

Flask of Healing
  • Decreased Prefire from .2s ➡️ .1s
  • Increased Effect radius from 27.5 ➡️ 40

Dev Note: We wanted to make the ability a bit easier to hit with, and this should hopefully help with the no-reg issues these abilities have. Make sure you double tap the ability if you want it to self-activate!

  • Normalized Movespeed to 25%

Concussion Grenade
  • Increased cooldown from 13/12/11/9 ➡️ 13.5/12.5/11.5/9.5

Dev note: The Tooltip for Concussion grenade will not be reflected properly in-game.

Grounding Shock
  • Increased damage across rarities by 25
  • Decreased cooldown across all rarities by 1s.

Dev note: The Tooltip for Grounding shock will not be reflected properly in-game.

  • Bug Fix: Legendary Enrage corrected to be 25% (was 30% in-game)
  • Decreased Enrage Life steal 30 ➡️ 25%

Dev Note: Warriors are getting a slight nerf to Enrage, but we want to keep them feeling powerful.

Heroic Leap
  • Damage now starts at 150 and scales to 300 at Legendary.
  • Decreased Leap damage radius from 20 ➡️ 16.666

Throwing Axe
  • Decreased hitbox slightly.

  • Increased Hitbox to match the size of the fireball
  • Decreased Prefire rate from .2s ➡️ .1s

Fire Staff
  • Increased projectile speed by 50
  • Decreased radius by 50%

Ice Staff
  • Increased ammo from 6 ➡️ 7
  • Reduced Slow from 20% ➡️ 17%

  • Reload speed increased 1.2➡️1.3
  • Crossbow ammo increased 10➡️12

  • Improved accuracy of this Weapon
  • Decreased damage by 30

  • Bug fix: Accuracy normalized across all rarities

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