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28 Jun

It's free, so you might as well give it a try and see if it works for you personally.

26 Jun

19 Jun

11 Jun

09 Jun

Sony doesn't allow it.

08 May

04 May

03 May

24 Apr

21 Apr

16 Apr

Well, the classes do still have their specialties. It's just a matter of allowing players to do more and play how they want. You're not completely locked out of a weapon or ability just because of your class, you just can't use it as efficiently as someone who is the correct Class.

Honestly, the only real issue I feel with Realm Royale right now is the lacking playerbase due to the terrible choices made in the past.

05 Apr

Go to Settings>Sound and change the settings as you want.

27 Mar

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26 Mar

There is no Battle Pass right now.

03 Mar

21 Feb

19 Feb

17 Feb

There is not a Battle Pass for this update, no.

16 Feb


    PWNDotcom on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Go to Armory, click on the class, then click on Loadout. You can select your Talents from there.

14 Feb