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Latest Patch NotesOB20: The Eternal Conflict Update Notes (about 2 months ago)

Sanguine Warbeast Mount

24 minutes ago - PWNDotcom on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
It will come back eventually.


18 Oct

17 Oct

16 Oct

15 Oct

14 Oct

OB22 Code Giveaway

9 days ago - /u/ on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Hello again, everyone!

I've received a few more item codes to give away now, with the following items up for grabs.

1x BokOps Battle Pass
3x Alpha Warrior
3x Screming Weenie
3x Ember Emu

Yeah, there's a lot to give away here, so there's no reason not to join in! Just comment on this thread (only one time) and say what your favorite Location is. You can say why it is, but you don't have to.

Personally, I love Ice Haven. My little brother and I have a joke where whenever the circle is anywhere near Ice Haven, we shout "We must defend the Ice Haven!" and then sit around guarding the forge for as long as we possibly can. I've literally gone 10 minutes just defending Ice Haven, and then won that game.

This giveaway is gonna run until 2pm on Sunday, October 20th, at which point I'll randomly select the winners and send codes their way.

11 Oct

10 Oct

09 Oct

08 Oct

Console update this morning

15 days ago - /u/HiRezJNash on Reddit - Thread - Direct

A new crash on Xbox One has been discovered resulting from today's backend update. We are investigating the cause and will update on our Twitter account when we have more information.

04 Oct

03 Oct

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