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Latest Patch NotesApril Fool’s! (about 7 hours ago)

22 May

Originally posted by pimpmyrye

I couldn't believe it! I was playing squads and chickened and killed other players repeatedly with one clip. Thing is a beast now. Frost heirloom rifle is also even scarier than before.

glad the change worked out then! :D

well that was awesome

nice hit reg

1 day ago - /u/HiRezOgre on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Yeah, that doesn't look like a hit registration issue, that looks like a glitched client. I'll look into it though, thanks for the heads up!

Emote wheel will not select.

2 days ago - /u/HiRezJNash on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Were you attempting to use the right stick to select which emote / voice line you wanted to play? Regardless of the keybind selected for pulling up the VGS system, the right stick will still be used to select which emote/voice line you want to play. You then release the VGS button and the emote/line will play.

Originally posted by N01Special_

My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

Can you try again please? It should be showing the correct price now.

Player soaring on the ground?

3 days ago - /u/HiRezLiterOCola on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Hey!, we think we know what's causing this and have entered a ticket, it's purely a visual issue. Thanks for reporting!

21 May

New Bundle: Bass Drop

3 days ago - HeroicLeapJNash on Steam - Thread - Direct

The music never stops with the Realm Royale Bass Drop Bundle! The Bass Drop Bundle is now available in the in-game shop!

The Bass Drop Bundle includes:
  • Technomancer Mage Skin
  • Neon Booster Mount
  • Beat Boks Chicken Skin
  • Bass Drop Skydive
  • Boosted Animated Spray

Start the party with the Bass Drop Skydive, then start dropping beats - and enemies - as the Technomancer Mage. Ride into battle on the Neon Booster hoverbike mount, which is also featured in the Boosted animed spray! And If you lose a fight but aren't quite ready to face the music, you can attempt to escape your fate as the trendy Beat Boks chicken!

Get boosted today with the Bass Drop Bundle. Keep an eye out for rotational items in the Shop every week.

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20 May

Originally posted by ronjon2012

What outfit is that?

That's the final tier of the Six-Shot Cyborg Assassin Skin that's part of the Next Frontier Battle Pass (currently active).

Thanks for posting both of these videos, the team will investigate this and will follow up if more information is needed!

17 May

OB19 Update Notes

7 days ago - HeroicLeapJNash on Steam - Thread - Direct

  • New Ability
    • Soul Gust
      • “Send out a charging blast of magical energy that passes through walls and forces enemies back”
        • The Mage is getting a new ability to replace her Ice Block ability
        • Soul Gust will damage enemies and apply a significant knockback
        • This ability can even travel through walls, rocks, trees, and bone! This is our first ability that won’t be stopped by pesky walls
      • Talent: Soul Gust will now apply a 3.5 second reveal on the hit enemy
  • Bass Drop Bundle
    • A new bundle is available in the Shop containing 5 cosmetic items
      • Technomancer Mage
      • Beat Boks Chicken
      • Neon Booster Mount
      • Bass Drop...
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16 May

15 May

14 May

Easy way to spot a bot!

10 days ago - /u/HiRezNeco on Reddit - Thread - Direct


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