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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Dev Thoughts #21 - Where did 2021 go?
Hi! It’s been a minute since we shared some of our Dev Thoughts - so let’s get right into it.

Introducing a New Team Member
One thing we pride ourselves on at Hopoo Games is our relationship with our players. We love making the games you want to play, and hearing what you have to say about them. We thought the time was right to bring someone on board to make sure all voices, both in the community and the dev team, are heard.


Jonathan Cheetham - Community Manager
Hello everyone! My name is Jonathan and I am your new Community Manager for Hopoo Games. I am a long time fan of Hopoo Games as well as an occasional collaborator (I was a beta tester on DEADBOLT and an alpha tester on RoR2), and as you can imagine I was absolutely thrilled to join Hopoo Games in an official capacity.

I will be your eyes, ears, mouth, and whatever other body parts you need in the development team, so no matter the feedback, let me know (especially you @plz_add_chef_to_ror2 guy.)

You can catch me on our Discord[discord.gg] as @SeventeenUncles, or you can email me at jonathan@hopoogames.com. Alternatively I will be active on all our official social media platforms (Twitter/Instagram[www.instagram.com]/Steam/Facebook[www.facebook.com]). However you’d like to chat, I'll be there. Watching. Waiting.


Console Anniversary Update Patch
The Risk of Rain 2 Anniversary Update is now available on all platforms including the Nintendo Switch as of August 17th, and on that same day we pushed a bug fix update to the PS4 & Xbox One versions of the game - so if you haven't played recently on console give it a try and let us know what you think!

Risk of Rain 2 Expansion #1
We are now aiming for a Q1 2022 release window for the first Risk of Rain 2 Expansion.

In the last couple of Dev Thoughts we have told you about the first expansion to RoR2 that we have been working very hard on. We want to make this expansion the biggest & best content update for RoR2 so far, and in order to meet these goals we need a little more time than anticipated.

We know some of you may be bummed out with this updated timeline - however, I have faith that you will absolutely love what we have in store.

Expansion Teaser
In our original roadmap we told you what we hoped to include in the new expansion. Now that we’re deep into development we are excited to give you a better idea of what content you can actually expect.

At this moment, we are planning on releasing with:

  • Alternate Final Boss & Stage
  • 2 New Survivors -
[/b] Unique new survivors to give you a fresh way to experience the game
  • 40 New Items -
  • [/b] Including an entirely new item-tier exclusive to the expansion
  • 9 New Monsters
  • 2 New Bosses
  • 2 New Elite Types
  • 4 New Stages
  • 3 New Interactables
  • 1 New Alternate Game Mode -
  • [/b] can be played solo or multiplayer and includes any unlocked artifacts for use
  • New Music
  • Tons of other fixes, changes and improvements
  • [/b]
    The above list is not exhaustive, and is also subject to change.

    We know that a big part of the fun of Risk of Rain is unlocking and discovering the content as you play, so we won’t spoil too much until you have a chance to play it yourself - But what’s the point of being a Community Manager if I can’t smuggle some secrets out of the Hopoo dev vault for you all…
    New Item Sampler

    This is just a sneak-peak at the 40 new items we have in store.

    See ya later!
    Going forward, we plan to have one Dev Thoughts post every month between now and release. Not only that, we are planning on showing off a bit more than we did during Early Access teasers, since this is a paid expansion - and we want players to know what they’re getting. Drop by again soon for further sneak peaks at upcoming content!

    Well, that’s all for today, thanks for reading and your continued support!

    And his music was…. electric?

    - Hopoo Games

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