10 Mar

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This is one of the changes we're making in the upcoming patch (infestors no longer infect mechanical allies)

16 Dec


Dev Thoughts #24 - Petrichor V Safari
Greetings Goobo Jr Fan Club!

Dev Thoughts Video
You know the drill by now - Dev Thoughts also comes as a video!

You did smash it didn't you?

And before we crack on, don't forget to visit the Risk of Rain 2: Survivors of the Void Steam Page as it might have changed since your last visit…

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18 Nov


Dev Thoughts #23 - Survivors of the Void
Hello fellow Survivors! Welcome back!

Dev Thoughts Video
I wanted to start out by thanking everyone who reached out to me following last month’s video version of the Dev thoughts - as requested I got a huge amount of feedback - which was overwhelmingly positive so I went ahead and made another one for this month! Check it out and once again please let me know what you think!

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28 Oct


Dev Thoughts #22 - Delve Deeper
Hey! I told you I'd be back this month!

Last month’s Dev Thoughts Reaction
A huge thank you to everyone who reached out and let me know what you thought of last month’s Dev Thoughts, we love how excited you are about the upcoming RoR2 expansion! Due to the positive response I decided to try out a video version of this month’s Dev Thoughts:

Please let me know what you think - especially if you would like to see this alternative format more in the future (I will continue with the written Dev Thoughts regardless.) Any ideas for future content/suggestions/critiques very welcome and greatly appreciated!

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30 Sep


Dev Thoughts #21 - Where did 2021 go?
Hi! It’s been a minute since we shared some of our Dev Thoughts - so let’s get right into it.

Introducing a New Team Member
One thing we pride ourselves on at Hopoo Games is our relationship with our players. We love making the games you want to play, and hearing what you have to say about them. We thought the time was right to bring someone on board to make sure all voices, both in the community and the dev team, are heard.


Jonathan Cheetham - Community Manager
Hello everyone! My name is Jonathan and I am your new Community Manager for Hopoo Games. I am a long time fan of Hopoo Games as well as an occasional collaborator (I was a beta tester on DEADBOLT and an alpha tester on RoR2), and as you can imagine I was absolutely thrilled to join Hopo... Read more

28 Sep

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Originally posted by MurdaaToes: Add me if you wanna run some

Hey! If you are looking for people to play with I would advise joining our Discord and looking in the #lfg-pc channel

25 Jul

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3.7.4 Deployment Downtime Incident Report

Today during the deployment of the 3.7.4 patch we encountered some problems that led to an extended amount of downtime for Path of Exile as well as progress loss for any gameplay time played between when we initially deployed 3.7.4 and when we were finally able to deploy the fixed version approximately 2 hours later. I would like to take some time to explain what happened and how we will be preventing it in the future.


At 12:00 NZT today we took the realm down to deploy 3.7.4. The downtime took approximately 18 minutes and the realm was back up at 12:18 NZT. At 12:25 NZT we were informed by Kakao Games, our Korean publisher, that Korean users who were logging in were being presented with the Create New Account dialog instead of logging into the existing accounts.

Without knowing what the probl... Read more

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