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Dev Thoughts #24 - Petrichor V Safari
Greetings Goobo Jr Fan Club!

Dev Thoughts Video
You know the drill by now - Dev Thoughts also comes as a video!

You did smash it didn't you?

And before we crack on, don't forget to visit the Risk of Rain 2: Survivors of the Void Steam Page as it might have changed since your last visit…


Console Update
Since starting as Community Manager many of you within our console playing fanbase have asked me about the status of any updates in the future for Risk of Rain 2 - today I’m going to give you some fresh info.

Firstly, I’m happy to announce that it is our goal to release the upcoming RoR2 expansion Survivors of the Void on console in Q2 of 2022, quite soon after the release of the Steam version in Q1 (both dates subject to change, but currently both still on schedule!)

With the release of the expansion will also come an update where we have completely rebuilt the console version from the ground-up. The goal of this rebuild is to have much closer parity between the console and Steam versions of the game.

This update should resolve most existing console-only bugs and - In theory - any new bugs should no longer be platform specific which will make them easier to identify and fix.

In practice, there will definitely be new bugs.

Survivors Corner
Last month I asked you to come up with some renditions of one of the new Void monsters arriving in Survivors of the Void and the response was much bigger than I expected, and in some cases much weirder than I expected.

These ranged from the creative

To the funny

To the strangely accurate

Thank you to everyone who sent me your versions of this mystery Void Monster, let’s take a visit to Petrichor V to see just how close you were...

Petrichor Safari
It’s time to go on a sightseeing tour of Survivors of the Void to discover the environments and monsters that await you in the expansion.

Let’s begin by visiting the Snowy Forest

The first monster we’ll find here today is not from these once-peaceful lands - but instead invading from the Void. The Void Jailer.

The Void Jailer is the master of putting you in your place. It’s main attack is a powerful void-blast that slows your speed and its secondary attack is a entangling snare that locks you in place, leaving you at the mercy of this abomination.

And if you manage to overcome this beast you had better get outta dodge REAL quick - those of you familiar with the Reavers know what happens when you manage to finally topple a Void enemy….

This was going to be a gif of the Void Jailer dying and doing that cool void-explosion but it kept killing me first so this is what you're getting instead.

Next up, one of the many enemies found high up in the Aphelian Sanctuary...

…is your new worst nightmare. The Blind Pest.

Who... this guy? Your worst nightmare? Surely not?

Aww look at his cute fuzzy face, flapping ear-wings and swinging tongue. What a cutie!

Don’t let it's looks fool you, I hate these things, and you will too. If Lesser Wisps are the flying shotguns of RoR2, these douchebags are the flying rifles. Dangerous in packs and deadly if ignored, get used to seeing this:

Not every new monster in Survivors of the Void will be completely unfamiliar. Our next monster is a returning enemy from a previous ill-fated visit to Petrichor V.

It’s big, it’s orange, and it’s here to ruin your Mercenary run...

It’s Gup.

And Geep and Gip, obviously.

Don't forget this is just a sample of the new stages and monsters you’ll find in Survivors of the Void - And that concludes the Petrichor Safari. As always thanks for being an amazing community and join me next year when we’ll have many more exciting reveals for you all.

Goodbye for now!

Jonathan @ Hopoo Games.

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