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02 Jul


Originally posted by toasty-cosplays

EA is publishing an unknown developers first game. You're not wrong that EA is a massive publisher, but that alone won't save an unknown devs multiplayer-only, pay-to-play game. And if you're going to take the time to be sarcastic about it, don't forget to set the !remindme so you can come back a month after the game's release and rub it in my face how completely wrong I was.

Unknown devs is a bit harsh. The dev team comprises of dev vets from Halo, COD, PVZGW, Gears, etc.

It’s their first title as a studio, but the team itself isn’t unknown.


Originally posted by Sammarco7

Yeah they said a new hero every season which seems decent to me. Not sure we know how long a season is yet though..

Seasons are about 3 months.


New content with every season. Maps, heroes, modes.

(And the content will be free)

01 Jul


@Drexzel_ Maybe you'll hear back in the meantime anyway, but let me double-check that just in case, and I'll get back to you ASAP. Standard smile 

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30 Jun

24 Jun


Happy this helps. Thumbs up

I understand that the concept may be disappointing if you expected a different setup but there are positive points about the Blast Pass, too. I'd suggest you stay tuned for more details on that because that may help you more with making a decision than the bit of info that's out right now. I'll share news in this space once they're available. Standard smile 


- Leeloo

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23 Jun


Hey @UnwaryCoin,


1. Regarding your questions about pre-order: I just shared a post on that topic. Wink  

2. A...

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22 Jun


Hey @SereneSl0th,


Thanks so much for your feedback on finding this forum. I'll pass it on. Standard smile 


- Leeloo

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18 Jun

12 Jun


There are so many ways to rocket! Rocket Arena features a bevy of competitive and coopertative modes.

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11 Jun

Welcome to Rocket Arena!

Get ready for an epic 3v3 rockets-only online shooter brought to you by Final Strike Games and EA Originals. Rocket Arena is a hero shooter unlike any other, with projectiles that blast players around and out of the Arena. We know many of you have been eagerly anticipating Rocket Arena and we’re sure you’re going to have a blast playing it. To get you started on your wild ride through Crater and the Rocket Championship Tour, the team at FSG has put together a high-level overview of the game, plus some insider tips, tricks and insights. See you in the Arena when we launch on July 14!

The Concept

Rocket Arena started with the goal of “Never say Die” combat. Our team passionately wanted to take on a new approach to combat in a multiplayer shooter. We developed features we believe are innovative in the shooter space:

  • Non-lethal rockets that blast players rather than kill them
  • A blast...
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02 Jun


Welcome to a world where the rules are written in rocket fuel.

Rockets control everything in Rocket Arena, an explosive 3v3 shooter where you’re never out of the action. Master your hero’s unique rockets and abilities to rule the arena and become a champion.