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Originally posted by ImRubic

This has been annoying me for awhile, why are things that were hotfixed in the previous week not listed as hotfixes? For example the Lifepoint bug with the Vitality Powerburst?

Today's patch notes focus on fixes and improvements that came in with today's update. More the most part, fixes made in a previous week are added to that newspost or tweeted out.

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Originally posted by ImRubic

Why is the newspost worded as if the quest comes out today?

EDIT: The wording has been adjusted to clarify it comes next week. Either way, why is it in an update post for THIS WEEK!?

Admittedly we could have worded this better. We've added a line to clarify that it's coming out next week.

Thanks for your feedback!

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Originally posted by Mekvek

The exp for palm tree farming at beach isnt scaled?

Its currently at 4exp/drop at Lv99

Hey - are you on a F2P world? It's scaled at level 5 (intended) for F2P worlds.

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Originally posted by Windsofthepast

Why is it included in this weeks update section, though, if it's not an update to begin with?

Fair question actually. We have repositioned this as This Week In Runescape but we're talking about it outside of the current week.

We do want to carry on doing this - it's important to signpost our bigger updates - but we can look at how to make it clearer (on top of avoiding a less of specification in the actual text that it's next week!).

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Originally posted by ImRubic

There's this interesting idea called a Monthly BTS. Basically you make a post that discusses the updates players can expect in the next month. Maybe you can make a video surrounding it as well. It would help with promoting these updates and helps casual people who may not watch streams or read twitter. With the video side of things, it helps expand your Youtube channel which indirectly can attract new players to your game.

Oh, and if you're worried about having to delay an update then all you need to do is add a disclaimer stating the BTS is just a a plan not a guarantee and changes could happen. Also, you could make an edit and link to a separate newspost that would cover communication surrounding said delay if one were to occur.

On the serious note. The newspost always has been about current or active information surrounding that week. It was never meant to be something that promotes stuff in the future. If you want to have a segment it shouldn't be labeled as the update but rather under a different re-occuring category called "Upcoming Content".

We're fine with the TWIR post having an element of reminding things / signposting if it's on the horizon! It's pretty beneficial given not everyone catches every bit of news, we just need to present it correctly.

On the BTS stuff, thanks for the thoughts. We're in the process of moving towards being more development-update orientated which should give more of a feel of what you're looking for.

We're very much committed to not announcing things too early to avoid mistakes of the past, but at the same time, we want to increase transparency alongside that rather than you all feeling more in the dark because of it. We're coming up with plans for how we hit that balance at the moment and hopefully whatever we come up with will feel closer to what you described!

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Originally posted by Windsofthepast

Then maybe add a new tab / section to the news update where it clearly states upcoming updates / changes to the game and that they're not live yet? You guys went back and updated the wording on the post, which is great and all, but could have been avoided all together if you'd placed it in a more appropriate spot to begin with.

I think the point that Rubic makes in his post to you also holds merit. If you guys brought back monthly BTS news posts and videos, there would be no need to have confusing content like this in update posts. There is nothing wrong with providing a month look ahead as long as you guys include a disclaimer that this is just what is planned and not guaranteed AND that any delays are appropriately communicated with updates regarding progress provided occasionally. You guys did relatively well with the communication on the Archeology delay, but you dropped the ball on communicating it's progress to the point players started joking about it having joined the shelf like all the other updates that get hyped but then delayed indefinitely.

The RS3 team needs to get its crap together and fix the communication issue that has grown out of hand since Shauny left. There is absolutely no reason we should be hearing about how the global situation has impacted you guys so much 4 months into it, especially since the OSRS team has managed to be so transparent and produce significantly more content in this time. I’m not blaming you or the rest of the CM team but it’s very clear that something needs to change, and it needs to happen soon. It’s ridiculous that a game that charges 11$ a month, sees a regular yearly growth in profits, and constantly releases MTX after MTX to “survive” does not have competent communication.

There is absolutely no reason we should be hearing about how the global situation has impacted you guys so much 4 months into it

Absolutely. The freeze in comms due to the team working through a lot of uncertainty could have been handled better from all sides.

We're going to get to a balance where we're still not announcing content too early, but we're doing a much better - and more consistent - job of keeping you informed on what's going on development wise.

It'll take some time, not saying we'll nail everything right out of the gate, but it's the goal.