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Thanks for posting this, just pinged it over Live Team to check out what happened.

When everyone is back on Tuesday, we'll hopefully have some answers to share on it.

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Originally posted by yuei2

Hooli can you also check in on getting the skybox by the odd old man and broken home fixed on Tuesday? It seems adding the Sentistenn dig site or BotM caused the skybox to shrink to the church. This means most of the silvera area is now super bright and happy looking, which is wrong. It has completely ruined the atmosphere of what was one of the more atmospheric locations in the game.

I'll pass that along too, thank you!

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Hey folks! This is definitely something we will be looking at soon. It took a bit of a backseat whilst we dealt with other priorities - but certainly not forgotten. Thanks again for flagging :)

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Originally posted by the01li3

Mod Sel is right, work is already done - just needs some more checks before being put live :)