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I can't believe it's already here!! World Championship week kicks off in just three days. From January 4-10, we're celebrating all things SMITE and SMITE esports with a week-long slate of competition, showcases, and other events. Here's a quick viewing guide on everything you need to know about the broadcast schedule for this event & where to watch.

SWC 2021 Broadcast Schedule

The broadcast schedule is broken down into two components: the SWC Placement Round in the first half of the week and the SWC Main Bracket in the second half of the week. There are also some community events & Showcase presentations mixed into the week's schedule as well!

  • Monday (11:30 AM ET) -- Community Joust Tournament
  • Tuesday (12:00 PM ET) -- SWC Placements Day 1
  • Wednesday (12:00 PM ET) -- SWC Placements Day 2
  • Thursday (3:30 PM ET) -- Hi-Rez Presents/S8 Conquest Debut Match/S8 Update Show
  • Friday (12:45 PM ET) -- SWC Quarterfinals
  • Saturday (12:45 PM ET) -- SWC Semifinals
  • Sunday (12:00 PM ET) -- AVGL Collegiate Finals
  • Sunday (3:00 PM ET) -- SWC Grand Finals

There's a ton of other awesome stuff happening on stream that isn't listed here, including tailgates, panels, creator cups, and etc! Visit the Hi-Rez Showcase schedule page to view/download the full event schedule!

You can also use the schedule page on our esports website to keep track of the SWC bracket & what matches are happening when.

As always, SWC will air on all our official platforms, including:

The SmiteGame Twitch channel and a select few partner channels will have drops available for the entire event, including SWC Chang'e! These rewards will only be available on Twitch. Visit our blog for more details on which drops will be available for each day and how to get the Chang'e skin.

SWC 2021: Format Info & Participating Teams

If you're looking for more details on the format for this year's SWC and which teams are competing, here are some helpful links to help you catch up!

In-game voting has also been made available in the Esports & Live Streams tab, so make sure you get your votes in before the Placement Round begins!


Follow SmitePro on Twitter for broadcast reminders & game highlights as we kick off the pinnacle event of the season!

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