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Hi there devs, thanks for making a brilliant game. Keep up the hard work can't wait to see what more stuff gonna happen!!!!

P.S I would love a small multiplayer (rather than a massive one) me and my friends would do anything to play with each other. Even if it was just a 2 player one where you could trade and work together would be brilliant.

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Thanks for the shoutout! These types of messages really lift our spirits. Eager to be able to give Alpha 10 into your hands in the near future =)

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Originally posted by SovietUnionGuy

Just want to say the same! Your game is brilliant, ideal mix of X-Com, FTL and Rimworld. Loved it from the first sight. Wish you best of luck! Can't wait for the next build.

Thanks! Appreciate it =) Alpha 10 is not far away now!