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I just wanted to come here to say [email protected]# Terrence.

There's only one crewmember I don't like, and that's Terrence. I only have 5 crewmembers to work with, Dermot, my only industry guy is my choice to stay behind on derelict missions. That unfortunately means Terrence has to go to fill that 4th seat... He's only good for first opening salvo, then the cheese eating surrender monkey tries to surrender to... Bugs? What are you expecting out of that deal my dude? And then nearly gets himself killed trying to befriend the degenerates because he's a "Peace Lover" (yeah right).

So the whole game's been slow because I have only one guy, Dermot, with any skill in Industry. Meaning he needs to single handedly run EVERY MACHINE. Fuel is slow, power is slow, producing raw materials is slow you name it. I finally expand the ship to the maximum size it can be after a long play session, and think, great, now I can construct a ton of solar arrays to stop panicking over fuel rods, I can build more grow beds and composters to help address my starvation problem, and start building a nice layout that isn't hodge podge.

... Yeah, Terrence gets into a fight punches out Dermot in front of the rest of the crew while he's low on health... He kills literally THE ONLY GUY on the ship who can run half of it. Peace lover my a$$, whose side are you on? Absolute traitor. An IMPOSTER. I wanted to space him after that, but that doesn't seem to be a feature. Guess I could put him to death with a drafted crewmate, but the damage is done.

[email protected]$ you Terrence.

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[email protected]# Terrence! You can lock him in a room and close the vent on the door, have him drafted in there and let it run out of oxygen. Once he is dead you can use the autopsy to turn him into meat or vent him into space =)