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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Dedicated Servers We are actively working with those running Dedicated Servers, both on the forums and in discord, to ensure we get the best we can. As such, we have decided to release a hotfix with some urgent fixes, mainly focused on those running dedicated servers.

IMGUI issues on Dedicated Server Linux Some of those running Dedicated Servers using the Linux binary are encountering a spam of warnings related to IMGUI. We use an excellent external library called Dear IMGUI in the main game, to allow us to do complex UI. This is not used in the "terminal" version of the game, but is still included in the distribution. As outlined in the last post, this move to a union of the main game and dedicated server code bases, its complex for us to remove individual packages and components - so something we need to look into. Until there, while you can safely ignore the warning being spammed, they can be disruptive to running the server.

Installing the Dedicated Server App Adding: -batchmode To the startup parameters the main game will launch the game as if it is a dedicated server. Otherwise, you can install "Stationeers Dedicated Server" from the "Tools" category in steam. This can most easily be done via the SteamCMD command line application. Stationeers Dedicated Server is a tool that is free to download and run anonymously, you do not need SteamCMD logged in as a client to do so.

In future updates we will post some guides about how to install and run, in the meantime the community is exploring this process on the forums. It is challenging to write a guide, as we are still actively changing the process based directly on our communication with you. It is vital we invest time and effort making the Dedicated Servers excellent, so that true online communities for stationeers can be run.

Changelog v0.2.3344.16555
  • Changed server checks as a runtime for IMGUI runner
  • Removed unwanted meta file
  • Fixed RenderDistance on Harvey's and grow-lights.
  • Fixed broken mods breaking loading of the game in some situations
  • Fixed load command pointing to wrong place outside of dedicated server
  • Added extra optional arg to -load to initialise a new game and save it to disk
  • Fixed (potentially) clearing console for dedicated server
  • Added -settings as a launch command with support for multiple property assignments in args
  • Added FPS cap (25) to dedicated server
  • Fixed and enabled in-world debug visualizers
  • Added #if UNITY_SERVER checks to imgui package to ignore for dedicated server
  • Removed default.ini from StreamingAssets
  • Fixed Index Out of Range exception thrown by StringManager when a NaN or infinite number was passed in.