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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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by Eladrin

Hello everyone!

Now that the 3.8.3 patch has been released, and it seems so far that multiplayer and co-op stability is in a pretty good state. We’re continuing work on a 3.8.4 release planned for a few weeks from now, to get some more fixes in before summer hits.

A few highlights include changes relating to ground combat collateral damage and bombardment (specifically Raiding Bombardment).

We’re reducing the amount of collateral damage ground units deal, as many invasions were destroying the colonies before the battle completed.

The base rate at which Raiding bombardment steals pops will be dramatically reduced. Each army present on a planet will also protect 3 pops from being vulnerable to Raiding bombardment. (Raiding bombardment is always unable to steal the last pop of a colony, so on a colony with three defending armies the last ten pops would be safe from raiding.)

Since next week is another short week in Sweden, our next dev diary will be on June 15th, though I may drop a little update with some more of the confirmed fixes planned for 3.8.4.

Now I’ll pass it over to MordredViking for some information on the community event that’s starting.

Stellaris with a Twist​
Hello! I’m Mordred Viking, the Community Manager for Stellaris!

To celebrate Stellaris’ 7th anniversary, we’re running our Stellaris with a Twist event! Two of our favorite content creators will explore a galaxy, with objectives suggested by, and voted on, by you, the Community. These streams will run for the first three Wednesdays in June (June 7th, 14th and 21st), at 1500 CEST (UTC+1). Want more details on this event, and how you can get involved? Check out this forum post[forum.paradoxplaza.com]!

Each player will have a personal goal to achieve, plus they will have a joint goal. All the Content Creator goals will be crowdsourced from the Community. Goal suggestions are currently open[pdxint.at], so you can leave your suggestions here. Be sure to watch our social media channels (or join us on Discord[discord.gg]!), because voting will start on Friday and be active all weekend. On Monday we will announce the goals for the first stream on Wednesday, June 7th!

Subscribe to Ep3o[pdxint.at] and follow AlphaYangDelete[pdxint.at]!​

That's it for this week, folks! See you again on June 15th (or sooner)!

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