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I have seen several people discuss 2v2 both on Reddit and in Discord over the past week or so. I think it would be helpful if somebody from the Frost Giant staff would set some expectations in this regard.

I know that the modes listed are for release by 1.0 are campaign, 1v1, 3v3, Co-Op, and custom maps, but since this is a Blizzard style RTS, I feel like a decent chunk of the playerbase (myself included) assumes that a 2v2 ladder will exist at some point in time based off of the 1v1 balance.

Between the fact that there were 2v2 maps in the custom game section, and the fact that casts of 2v2s are even up on YouTube from people like Beomulf I feel like a lot of people are rightfully assuming that this will be a supported mode either at EA release or shortly after.

So my questions to Frost Giant are as follows: 1. Will a 2v2 ladder / matchmaking exist in StormGate? 2. If yes, is it expected to be available at EA release? If not when can we expect it? 3. Will there be a way to party with friends for co-op / 2v2 (if it exists) at the launch of EA?

My brother is excited about StormGate and has the expectation that we will be able to play 2v2 when EA releases. It would be nice to be able to answer his questions regarding 2v2 before EA is released so that he can appropriately set expectations.

Note: I understand that there are nuances to matchmaking and partying up that need to be addressed before a mode a 2v2 mode would made available (if it is even planned for) but I also know that these have to be figured out at some point for 3v3 / co-op anyways.

I completely understand if it isn't available at EA launch. I just think the community should have information to properly set expectations since 2v2 was available to some degree in the last phase and there are even casted games on YouTube that may set expectations that it will be present at EA release.

Thanks y'all are doing a great job so far and I'm liking forward to playing some more come July 30th.

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23 days ago - /u/FGS_Gerald - Direct link

At this point, 2v2 is an experiment that was built by one of our engineers as a side project using our editor tools because he's personally passionate about team games. It's not a fully-supported mode and we don't know if it's a mode that we'll be able to confirm will have matchmaking, etc. in the future. That said, the maps are in and playable, but they weren't created by the full team--they're still purely in experimentation mode.

The best thing you can do if you like 2v2 is to check out the mode during Early Access (in custom games), give us feedback, and let us know that you'd like to see it officially supported in the future.

We're reading and listening!