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Can you guys PLEASE GIVE US AN ETA on the HOTAS fix? You’re really gimping your launch by doing this...

I can't give a set ETA right now, but things are looking really good. Stay tuned to the EA Star Wars Twitter account for an update on this.

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Is the MMR bug being looked at as well? I can play with a controller for now, but I need ranked gameplay.

Yup! It's also a top priority. Fitting username, though.

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At least you know it exists. It brings me peace. Once it's fixed will you guys be pushing out an update? (Where? Twitter?) I really don't know where to look for updates and stuff.

Or does the twitter post detailed updates? I'm really following this game as close as I can TBH. I played XvT back in the day and this game is a very good predecessor.

The best place for official news is from the EA Star Wars Twitter account, but this subreddit, the Discord server, and I will all be posting when stuff happens, too, so you likely won't miss anything if you're following closely here.

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Do you guys plan on giving patch notes, as well?

Absolutely. I just wrote some.

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Haha, not publicly. I just meant I'm writing the notes for the update we're going to do to fix some stuff.

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Do you maybe know if team is also working on missing/lost medals and progress in story/campaign?

We are! We should be able to fix it, but you'll likely have to unlock your medals again after the fix is live. Standby for final details, though.