Hi Holotable Heroes,

Welcome to the July 2024 Road Ahead! Today we will be giving you insights into the rise of the Imperial Remnant, the Mysterious characters known as the Great Mothers, a PC Beta Update, and a new Ezra, the next Conquest character!

As a reminder, anything in the Road Ahead is subject to change. But without further ado, enjoy July’s Road Ahead! We look forward to reading and watching your reactions!

We begin with the rise of the Imperial Remnant!
Imperial Remnant

After they were defeated on Endor, the Empire was fractured and scattered through the universe, and began creating factions…one notably known as, the Imperial Remnant! We are excited to bring to you this cast of unscrupulous characters to Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes. Here is a brief overview of each character as well as a sneak peek into their capabilities and intended roles within a squad, but more will be coming as we continue to develop these units.

But first, a word from our Lead Designer!
“We were looking to build a thematic team around the Fallen Empire while making sure to distinctly separate these characters from the Empire faction. Through design, their strengths live within Captain Enochs Undead mechanics which we will go into further at a later date. In addition to Night Trooper and Death Trooper helping round out the Imperial Remnant squad, they will be required for the NEW GALACTIC LEGEND Ahsoka Tano!"

That’s right! With the excitement of the Disney+ series, Ahsoka, we are happy to announce that Galactic Legend Ahsoka Tano is coming to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes! You are probably wondering which characters you'll need to unlock her. We’ve got you covered for a few of them and it starts with the Imperial Remnant squad. More of her required characters will be announced periodically until she arrives in game.

Night Trooper - Attacker who spreads Blight among their foes, also has a case of the, “If you can do it, I can do it” in their kit.
Death Trooper (Peridea) - Attacker loves Blight and interacting with Blight. Can be used on a Nightsister squad
Captain Enoch - Leader of the Imperial Remnant squad equipped with a ruthless nature… Decay
Work in Progress Preview:

With all of the exciting releases coming, we wanted to give you a sneak peek on the “Work In Progress” images of Night Trooper and Death Trooper the art team is currently working on. Since these are Work in Progress pictures, details of the final characters may change.

Great Mothers Squad

The Great Mothers are a mysterious and powerful group introduced in the Disney+ series Ahsoka. They have a connection to the Nightsisters of Dathomir, known for their dark magic, their names are Aktropaw, Klothow, and Lakesis. Their shrouded past and enigmatic powers make the Great Mothers a fascinating addition to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

A small word from one of the design leads of the new Nightsisters team!
Nightsisters Squad - “First off, we don’t intend to break up the current Nightsister team. With the introduction of these new awesome characters we wanted to make sure we preserved that original team but give this new squad its own unique identity (though, we won't be surprised if you folks find a new team out of all these characters). While we are still investigating some of the mechanics and balance of these characters, we want you, the player, to make choices with this team. It's up to you to decide. The power level we are shooting for this team is around the strength of Gungans, with their own set of strengths and weaknesses of course.” We’re very excited to see another Nightsisters team coming to SWGOH!”

Great Mothers - Great Mothers bring Fate Weaving and the two effects: Blessed and Doomed to the table via their Leader ability. Their abilities also boost the effects of the existing Nightsister Acolyte and Nightsister Spirit, making them good choices for the squad. The Great Mothers will also be the 2nd Large Unit introduced into Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Morgan Elsbeth - A skilled warrior with impressive combat prowess, you can expect Morgan Elsbeth to be the Tank of the team.

Who we expect to round out the team:
  • Talia
  • Nightsister Spirit
  • Nightsister Acolyte

Other options for the team:
  • Night Trooper
  • Death Trooper (Peridea)
  • Nightsister Initiate

Ezra Conquest Character

The design lead for the new Conquest unit Ezra wanted to stop by and provided a few words on what they’re working on.
“Heya friends! Ezra’s designer here. While we’re still fairly early on in the design process for this new Conquest Character, we wanted to give you all a sneak peek of what we’re cooking up. For this version of Ezra, we really want to capture the growth and learnings of who Ezra has become during his time in Exile on Peridia. To that end, this Ezra in Exile will be a Support character that turns his enemy’s strengths against them.”

We cannot wait for Ezra to make his way to SWGOH and look forward to sharing with you more details about him in the future.
Quick PC Open Beta Update

The PC Closed Beta has been out for a little over 3-weeks now and we couldn’t be happier with all the positive feedback you’ve provided us! The team working on this project has been listening and brainstorming on more ways to make the PC Experience more enjoyable for you, so it’s great to hear that the foundation is in a good place.

So what’s next for the PC Beta?

Due to the success of our PC Closed Beta, we’ve decided to open up the closed beta to everyone who has signed up to this point in early July. We are still working on a few backend issues that we’ve noticed and trying to see if we can create and implement some of your suggestions we’ve heard before going into Open Beta
Meatlogue: I’m very excited about more Ezra content to be honest, always enjoyed their story and character. Seeing more people getting into the Closed Beta will also be awesome. Also, MORE NIGHTSISTERS! Need I say more?

Producer Note Coffeelogue: With Ahsoka art all over my house, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the time for Ahsoka Tano to be our next Galactic Legend! Her show gave us so many characters that not only look visually striking but also hit great notes for the factions we want to build or expand on. Who can resist more Nightsisters???
And so with that, this is the end of the July 2024 Road Ahead!

We are excited to bring more characters into SWGOH who are associated with Ahsoka (including Baylan), we really appreciate you taking the time to read over what we have going on and look forward to reading your conversations and posts about the above.

-SWGOH Dev Team + the 1 laptop