Hello Holotable Heroes,

We apologize for the issues that you encountered with the Territory Battles this week.

As a result, we will be canceling the TB’s for this week and at a later time we will be rewarding you with your previously completed TB results.


Holotable Heroes,

We’re kicking off the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Crystals and Shards Giveaway!

Starting from April 15, 2024 we’ll be posting prompts each week in General Discussion that you must answer in order for a chance to win one of our prizes, with 5 winners being picked each week!

The prizes are:
  • x24 Chest of Crystals
  • x1 Crate of Crystals (Final Week Grand Prize)

Every winner selected will also receive 330 character shards for Jedi Knight Anakin and 330 character shards for Darth Vader.

The weekly prompts will be posted on Mondays and will be closed on Thursdays 12pm, Pacific Time. Winners will be drawn on the following Friday, with prizes being distributed into accounts shortly thereafter.

This giveaway will run for April 15, 2024 to May 23, 2024.

Terms and Conditions can be found in the Spoiler below
Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes Crystals and Shards Giveaway - Official Rules... Read more

The team is aware of and investigating an issue with the RoTE is TB.

Thank you to everyone who reached out.

The team is aware of and investigating an issue with the TB being inaccessible.

Thank you to everyone who reached out.

The team is aware of and investigating an issue with the RoTE is TB.

Thank you to everyone who reached out.

12 Apr

11 Apr

If you have time, we'd love for you to fill this out, thank you!

Hello Heroes of the Holotable, here are today’s update notes!

  • Added OOM Command Droid to the feat counter for "Bringen da Mackineeks" Feat after player feedback
  • Gungan Phalanx Kit
  • STAP has been added to Cantina 7-F, Nightsister Spirit has moved to the Galactic War shipment

  • Fixed a bug where Executor was ignoring Resilient Defense
  • Fixed an issue where Levi v Levi matches can cause an additional enemy to be stunned
  • Fixed the issue where Kneesaa wouldn't gain Tenacity Up when she calls Logray to assist...
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10 Apr

Why did you make a GC Omicron, what is the design goal?
We wanted to try something new! This is a more niche omicron and targeted to players that might want some extra oomph with GCs. With five Gungans we wanted to try and give each one an Omicron that affects a different game mode, and in the lifetime of Omicrons we’d only explored four modes, up until now.
Will this make GC’s harder now that you’ve attached an Omicron to it?
GCs inherently vary in difficulty, the intent of this Omicron is to make a Gungan squad a viable alternative to completing feats that are difficult for your roster to accomplish otherwise.
Will there be Gungan Feats in GCs?
Yes, like other Factions and teams, Gungans will also receive their own GC moments

Will there be another Gungan or this be the last ?
This is the last of the marquee Gungan characters. The remaining character to complete this squad is Jar Jar Binks who can be obtained ... Read more

04 Apr

Hi Holotable Heroes!

We are thrilled to announce the team is working on a stand-alone PC Client for Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes!


Our goal with the PC Client is to give players more ways to enjoy their time on the Holotable in a seamless cross-platform experience. This will allow you to play between handheld and desktop without missing a single beat. Some initial benefits of the PC Client is the support for many native PC features such as specific resolutions, keyboard and mouse support, better framerate, antialiasing and other PC quality of life changes. The core gameplay experience of Galaxy of Heroes remains unchanged with the PC Client.

Once we are ready to showcase the client, we will be hosting a Closed Beta, which we are aiming to release later this year. For the opportunity to participate in the Closed Beta, you will need to sign up on our ... Read more

03 Apr

Original Article of new forums announcement Here

Key takeaway for this reminder:
Any content posted on the SWGOH forums on and after April 5, 2024 will NOT be migrated over to the new EA forums.

28 Mar

Hello Holotable Heroes,

We are happy to announce we will be running a partnership with Apple for an exclusive promotion where gift card purchasers can redeem a free in-game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes bonus bundle for buying Apple gift cards from participating locations.
7gvk47gi4u4p.png... Read more

27 Mar

Special 1 looks like an AoE (judging by the GIF), but is only described as a single target attack. Are the other ones just duds?

The others are just duds. The ability is intended to be single target.
Will all the new Marquee events return, with rewards, before the raid?

The materials and shards you earn participating in the new style of Marquee events will only ever be in the first runs of Marquee events as a reward for players who put in the extra initial effort to power up the brand new character. Reruns of these events will give you the shards needed to unlock the character if you missed it the first time around.
Clarification on: "While an allied Shield Generator is active: Enemies defeated by Gungan Attackers can't be revived" , does this function like when LV is in ult? If unit dies while condition is met, they cannot revive OR is it they cannot be revived while the condition is met, but can after? As in, when the shield goes... Read more
Hello Heroes of the Holotable, here are today’s update notes!

  • Cere Junda has been added to the list of Accelerated Characters.
  • Gungan Boomadier

  • Fixed an issue where IG12 wouldn't call an ally to assist when using his Basic on his turn
  • [Conquest] Fixed an issue that could cause Queen Amidala's animations to break during the use of her first Special ability.
  • Fixed an issue where dispelling buffs would sometimes ...
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21 Mar

Hello Holotable Heroes,

As you know, we put a hotfix out yesterday to address an issue with the Resistance Datacron and multiple encounters (such as GAC and TW), this fix did work.

Unfortunately, it highlighted another issue with how it interacts with specific characters such as Zorii Bliss.

We will be fixing this issue during our next update.

What this means, however, is that there will be a GAC and a TW going on when this fix goes out. The Datacrons you have locked in will gain the new fixed functionality at that time, so please plan accordingly.

We apologize for this inconvenience, thank you for your patience.

20 Mar

Hello Holotable Heroes,

With the release of Darth Bane we have been very pleased with how they’ve landed on the Holotable. Tusken Meathead has been sending us screenshots of all your quotes!

While much of his data is favorable and is landing where we expected, we are seeing some outliers we're going to keep an eye on that may be contradictory to some of his intentions.

The team is keeping an eye on this for balance purposes and if we feel the integrity of the game requires us to intervene, we will.

Again, we are currently very happy with Darth Bane, we just wanted to let you know our thoughts.

Today's hotfix was to address the Resistance Datacron issue and should now be working as intended.

19 Mar

Hello everyone!

I would greatly appreciate it if you took a couple minutes to fill out a survey about Conquest Omicrons :)

Click Here

18 Mar

Hello Holotable Heroes,

The team is aware of and looking into the reports of the Sector 3 B1 Battle not calculating the proper amount of defeats. Thank you for your reports.

14 Mar

Hello Holotable Heroes,

With the upcoming Queen Amidala Conquest, we will be trying something new where we add a former Conquest character into the Premium pass.

In this Conquest we will be rewarding Ben Solo shards! What better time to get your Ben Solo and Rey team together?

Reward Structure:

Conquest Pass (Normal):
  • Milestone 1 = 5 Ben Solo Shards
  • Milestone 5 = 5 Ben Solo Shards
  • Milestone 10 = 5 Ben Solo Shards
Conquest Pass (Hard):
  • Milestone 1 = 10 Ben Solo Shards
  • Milestone 3 = 10 Ben Solo Shards
  • Milestone 7 = 10 Ben Solo Shards