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Hello Holotoable Heroes,

The GC Madness Tournament is all wrapped up and a champion has been decided. Before we get to the official results, I’d like to thank everyone who voted, commented, or otherwise participated in the event. The responses and engagement were better than I anticipated, and I’m hopeful we can do more events like this in the future.

The tournament began with 32 of the first 40 Galactic Challenges pitted against each other bracket-style. After each round, I reshuffled the order to match the strongest performing GCs against the weaker ones in order to give the strongest performers the best chance to keep moving forward.

Along with being a "for funsies" exercise, I will be forwarding the results of your votes to the devs so they can have a better understanding of which tournaments and modifiers you prefer, and perhaps incorporate that into future GCs.

Also worth noting are the Challenges that had the closest and widest disparity in percentage of votes:

The final two GCs were #11) Coruscant: Jedi v Sith and #22) Death Star: Jedi v Bounty Hunter.

One GC earned 57.6% of your votes, with the other receiving 42.4%

And the winner is…

#11) Coruscant: Jedi v Sith!

In addition to Coruscant: Jedi v Sith winning the GC Madness crown, there are a few other winners to announce! I took note of all the people who were active in the forum threads throughout the tournament, inserted their names into a random selection app, and came up with the following list of folks who will receive an in-game grant of 1,000 crystals each:

[*] AhnaldisGOAT
[*] Anakin_Earthrunner
[*] Anakins_Master
[*] AzhorAhai
[*] Chiss5618
[*] HK22
[*] iZeta
[*] Mephisto_style
[*] TheChild_eats_eggs1
[*] Ultra

NOTE: If your forum user ID appears in the list above, please look for a DM from me and respond to it so I can give you the reward.

Thanks again to everyone who participated, and may the Force be with you!
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Never got my 1,000 crystals.

C'mon. We chatted about this via DMs days ago. I sent the crystals and less than two mins later they were redeemed from the inbox.
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