03 Jun

For further clarification, Turn Meter swap is intended to trump bonus turns.

17 May

Double drop start time and next round of reqs will be announced on the 19th.

13 May




Please share

What is this regarding?

07 May


First episode was better.

Agree. This seemed like [spoiler]a filler episode and mostly just pushed the Dad Batch narrative forward[/spoiler].

05 May


The Mandalorian was recently added onto the accelerated farming, but his shards are still costing 160 conquest currency in the store compared to the accelerated cost of other characters which is 80 per 5 shards? I am wondering if this was something that was unintentionally missed?

Kyno reached out to me for an answer (thanks Kyno!). So, what happened was -- in this particular instance, the configuration for Conquest 3 (the original Conquest 3 that we had to pull down and restart) was created prior to Mando being accelerated. Each Conquest is preconfigured and can not change "mid-flight." However, future Conquests will rotate which characters are available, and when Mando returns, his price will reflect the right status.

Apologies for the confusion, and thanks for pointing this out.

04 May



It's actually Cut Lawquane who helped Rex and who the next episode is referring to.

Is it confirmed? I thought it was because Hunter and Wrecker have knives so you know cut

[spoiler]J-19 is where the Clones met the deserter, Cut Lawquane[/spoiler]. So, seems to be pointing in that direction.

I loved that Wrecker had a tooka doll.

Same! I wish we had gotten enough heads up to make it his in-game relic. That would've been so perfect.

Great episode.

Explains why we are getting echo for bad batch next and not crosshair

So who is omega a clone of.... shes probably got all there enhancements. She can shoot she has heightened awareness.... strength and tech skills are missing so far.

Not a bad theory. I think there's a chance she could end up being Force sensitive. But, if it turned out she has all the BB abilities and she's kind of like their daughter, that would be really cool.

So slightly off topic, should I watch Rebels in its entirety before this?

I put off watching Rebels for a while bc the first few episodes I felt were too kid-ish. But, it really takes off about midway through first season and def by 2nd season. It becomes some of my favorite Star Wars stuff.

Yeah, def watch it. But, you don't have to watch it all before Bad Batch.

That opening scene was an awesome easter egg, as was seeing Azi-3 again.

That easter egg you're referring to might've been my favorite thing about the episode. I loved it.

03 May

Hello Holotable Heroes,

This issue is also affecting the GC currently running.

21 Apr


Never got my 1,000 crystals.

C'mon. We chatted about this via DMs days ago. I sent the crystals and less than two mins later they were redeemed from the inbox.

16 Apr


Do we know which GC won yet?

Yep! I'll have the post up later today.

14 Apr

Hello Holotable Heroes,

Crumb and Doja Fett partnered up with Operation Metaverse to answer a few trivia questions (some based on your responses to the Solicitation for Topics of Interest post). This is the first of a series of releases from OM that will feature additional questions and answers in future streams.

To add to the intrigue, Operation Metaverse will be giving away some swag in association with the livestream event. A trailer with more details can be found ... Read more

I know this is just for fun, but it would be nice to get the winning one as an extra bonus GC.

I went with Death Star GC for the win.

I like this idea. I'll see what I can do!

12 Apr

Thanks to everyone who's participated so far! I plan on leaving this round up until Tuesday morning (04/12) and then posting the championship round that afternoon.

08 Apr




Wow, didn't know you were pushing for the discord engagement for months!

However, I do remember you mentioning looking into that when you joined the communication team. Didn't realize it was an ongoing process for so long

Remember this whenever you see a "wHaT ArE tHEy DOiNg wiTh ThEiR tiMe??" post lol

Got to love staff members that mock frustrated players.
There are bugs older than 1 year in the bug reports that are still not fixed and you make fun of the players that ask to fix those problems.
Way to go.

Can you point out where I made fun of people reporting bugs? Seems like you're taking some liberties with your conclusions.

07 Apr




I am really shocked ppl seem to enjoy the Rebel modifier... Imo nothing stands further from actual strategical planning then the rebel modifier when you might or might not oneshot/get oneshotted in the opener....

Not surprised to see FO vs Rebel win, even though rebel is the opposing faction, First Order is the easiest faction for players since a lot of players have, or are working towards SLKR as their first GL and can breeze through any enemy faction, even it is rebels

Yeah one may make points like this, but i have seen more than one rebel in round 2... Okay, i think there was a rebel Vs Mando, that is also understandable.

I think I saw a youtuber promote this voting and a random viewer commented something along these lines: "this poll is like where do you wan...
Read more

I'm really enjoying going back and looking at the Galactic Challenges and voting on which ones I liked the best. Big Props to Doja for setting this up.
Any details on how many voting submissions there were?

Thanks for participating! Round One had around 800 responses.
Sorry for the broken link. It should be fixed and good to go now.