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Hello Holotable Heroes,

In today’s Update, Hondo things plus more!

  • Boushh (Leia Organa) is now available in Chromium Packs and Shipments. Collect this powerful character today!
  • Fennec Shand has been added to the list of Accelerated Characters. This increases their Shard Supply and adjusts their Shard Shop conversion rate to match. See this Shard Economy post on our forums for more details.
  • INFAMOUS PIRATE BUNDLE I - Hondo bundle is now available
  • New Event: Smuggler’s Run 2 - Will Require Jabba the Hutt Hutt Hutt
  • Hondo Marquee Event starting at 11am PT, Thursday (October 6th) - Relive the outrageous adventures of the notorious space pirate

  • UNIT - Fixed Fifth Brother's “I Sense Those We Seek” so it doesn't grant Turn Meter when an enemy takes a bonus turn.
  • GENERAL - Fixed a bug where players could enter the Razor Crest tier of the Proving Grounds event while already obtaining the maximum shards for the ship
  • UNIT - Conquest Jedi Master Luke boss is now properly immune to Armor Shred
  • UNIT - Fixed an issue where Boushh's payout ability would indicate it had been achieved at the start of battle instead of displaying progress toward completion.
  • GENERAL - Fifth Brother: Fixed an issue where Provoked would not stack with itself
  • UNIT - Lord Vader Datacron affix now correctly increases Mastery for each stack of Damage Over Time inflicted
  • UNIT - Mob Enforcer now correctly claims credit for the damage she inflicts with Thermal Detonators
  • TEXT - Updated Jabba the Hutt's Leader text to clarify he can't be targeted *during enemy turns* while an ally with “My Kind of Scum” is present. This does not change existing functionality.
  • TEXT - Updated Jabba the Hutt's Special ability text to clarify that "Hired Muscle" can't be copied. This does not change existing functionality.
  • TEXT - Updated Razor Crest's unique text to clarify it ignores taunt effects. This does not change existing functionality.

Smuggler's Run II is labeled as Smuggler's Run, the Smuggler's Run I event still exists, this is just a new SR. We will be adjusting the naming in the near future.


If you were a Pirate, what would your Pirate name be?

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