Hi Holotable Heroes,

Here are the notes for today’s update

  • Battle for Naboo Raid is here!
  • Night Trooper (LINK)
  • Galactic Legend Ahsoka Tano added to the Journey Guide
  • All Character Portraits have been updated
  • KAM's Unique Ability 2 Master of Forms was changed from Taunt for 3 turns to Protection Up (30%) for 3 turns

  • Updated Mod Battles requirements so returning players above level 58 who can't see the quest to unlock them now unlock them automatically.
  • [DATACRON] - Adjust Description of Inquisitorius Faction
  • Whenever an Inquisitorius ally uses a Basic ability against an enemy inflicted with a stack of Purge, a random other Inquisitorius ally assists, dealing 5% bonus damage per stack of Purge and then they inflict a stack of Purge (max 6) on target enemy, which can't be evaded.
  • Fixed a bug where Music would stop playing when retreating or completing a combat battle in the Events section of the game.

  • [DATACRON] - Night Trooper - Recovery and Offense gained is applied twice per Blight stacks Night Trooper gains
    The team is monitoring this affix and will make the necessary changes if we believe it does not fit our game balance expectations
  • [DATACRON] - Healer - Crit hits from Thermal Detonators are increasing Speed which is unintentional and will be fixed in an upcoming update

Night Trooper
  • Night Trooper - Special 2 - Blight applied by Special 2 ability cannot be evaded
    The intent is Blight will function according to the character using it in this regard (so some characters may allow it to be unavoidable, some may not), but at present it can't be evaded universally which is a bug.
  • Night Trooper - Special 2 - Blight applied by Special 2 ability can be resisted
    Similar to the evasion above, the intent is for Blight to be somewhat generic and usable in multiple character kits or potentially in events, and currently it is universally resistible in all instances. We will address this per character similar to the evasion issue in a future update.

Battle for Naboo
  • Droideka does not recover health and protection after using its Reconstructive Revolution ability.
  • Droideka's "Deflector Shield Generator" does not grant/reduce Droideka's Speed
  • Droideka's "Deflector Shield Generator" does not apply the Speed and Evasion bonuses until after Droideka gains and loses Damage Immunity
  • Droideka's "Reconstructive Revolution " grants Protection recovery before Health recovery
  • Night Trooper - Special 2 - Blight applied by Special 2 ability can be resisted
  • "Charge" stacks do not work consistently across different units
  • "Command Droid" unique ability does not grant bonus protection to Dark Side allies
  • "Command Droid" unique ability grants Charge when getting Energize in Tiers below Tier 3
  • Energize ability description is wrong from Command Battle Droid in battle with different Difficulty Modifier Levels in the Naboo Raid
  • 'Recharge' blue effect if mentioned in the buffs/debuffs popup instead of 'Energize' when Command Battle Droid is using Energize ability in the Naboo Raid
  • "Command Droid" unique ability grants extra Charge stacks when gaining Damage Immunity
  • "Roger Roger" unique ability description does not indicate that it should call more enemies to assist in Tiers 1 and above