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Hi Holotable Heroes,

We have begun rolling out a Title Update to Android and iOS devices. This will continue to roll out to all players over the next 24 hours and will require you to update from your app store at the end of this period.

The upcoming Title Update introduces a new feature, Mod Recalibration! We will also have a laundry list of bug fixes, so stay tuned for tomorrow's post!

In the meantime, enjoy all the cool Mod management features!

Mod Filters:

Locating the precise Mod you're looking for in your inventory is an important operation and there are many variables that need to be taken into account when searching for a Mod. As a result, we will be adding the following features to increase efficiency and precision.
  • (Filter) Exclude Secondary Stat - Filter for Mods that DON’T have a given Secondary Stat
  • (Filter) Toggle "All Secondaries Revealed" - Filter for Mods with all Secondary Stats revealed or not revealed
  • (Filter) Filter by Level - Filter for Mods based on their Level (More Than / Less Than / Equal To)
  • (Filter) Slice Count - Filter Mods based on the number of slices on a Secondary Stat
  • (Filter) Avg Slice Quality - Filter Mods based on percentage of max possible values for a Secondary Stat (normalized by Roll Count)
  • (Filter) Save Presets - Ability to name and save a Filter and Sorting behavior for later reuse
  • (Sort) Sort by Level - Ability to sort Mods by level in either descending or ascending order
Updated Mod Enhance Screen

We’re organizing all the Mod operations into a single screen called Enhance Mod. This screen will contain all the Mod actions in a single, convenient spot for players and reduce the number of taps needed to operate on a Mod
  • We’re also making adjustments to the Upgrade and Slice screens. We’ve replaced the Level slider on Upgrades and have instead implemented buttons that allow you to quickly select important levels on a Mod. Additionally, we’re giving players more detailed information about which level Secondary Stats will be revealed
  • Finally, the Slice screen is now updated to give you a better picture of what’s happening underneath the hood. Slicing a mod is the process of improving the power of a random Secondary Stat. We’re adding a visualized graph per Slice so you have a better understanding of where a Mod’s strength sits relative to others
Batch Manage Mods
  • Players will be able upgrade and sell any number of Mods at once with our new Batch Manage Mods feature. Batch Manage will work with all of the new Filter and Sort features described previously, making it very quick to sell unwanted mods and identify Mods you would like to invest in.
Reveal all Secondaries
  • This feature will allow you to take a group of Mods of different Tiers and upgrade them all to the minimum level that would reveal all the Secondary Stats. The intended goal is for players to easily reveal all the necessary info to decide if you would like to keep a Mod.

Bug Fixes
  • Visual bugs that will be fixed with forced update
  • Mods labels are broken and will be fixed with forced update

Economy Update
The Mod economy changes will happen after the force update

This includes:
  • No more 4-dot mods in the last tier of mod challenges
  • Flattening of shape drop percentages in last tier of mod challenges
  • 6-E to 6-A Mod Slicing materials are in the last stage of Mod Battles

  • You may now forfeit a battle during an enemies turn in all modes

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