Hi Holotable Heroes,
Our latest Title Update introduces a number of quality of life changes for Mods and a new feature, Mod Calibration! Mod Calibration allows you to tune your Mods even further by transferring slices between secondary stats to create the best Mods for your collection. Each Mk VI Mod can be Calibrated a limited number of times using the new currency, Micro Attenuators, and gives you the chance to improve your good Mods into great Mods.
Mod Calibration begins by choosing a secondary stat on a mod. The stat you choose will have one of its slices removed at random, and then a new slice will be applied to one of the four available secondary stats on the mod. A few things to keep in mind:
  • Generally, you’ll want to choose a stat that isn’t providing as much value so that other secondary stats have a chance to grow in power.
  • You can’t choose a secondary stat that has only (1) slice on it. Conversely, a stat with (5) slices on it can never be chosen to receive the newly calibrated slice. Use this info to help you target where a calibrated slice will land.
  • When a newly calibrated slice is applied, its power will be randomly rolled.
  • Once a mod is calibrated, you will have the option to keep the newly calibrated mod or revert to the old version before calibration. Reverting to the old version will not refund your currency or calibration attempts (more on this below).
  • Calibration does not allow a mod to be stronger or weaker than one you can get through normal slicing.
  • Calibration does not allow you to change the secondary stat types on a mod. It’s still important to farm mods to get the perfect set of secondary stat combinations.
Additionally, a mod can only be calibrated starting at Mk VI (6-Dot) rarity. Slicing up from 6-E to 6-A will give the mod more calibration attempts. All your existing Mods at 6E-6A will have calibration attempts ready to go. 89j3c4yw1the.png Calibrating a mod requires the new currency Micro Attenuators which currently drop in Mod Battles (9A - 9F). The more times a mod is calibrated, the more Mod Attenuators will be needed to perform the next calibration. Below is the cost based on the attempt number. zsj9qeic24sk.png
  • GENERAL - Assign Loadout from another Character now has a button SFX
  • GENERAL - Added new core Gear tile to the Shard Shop
  • GENERAL - FREE 14-day Mod Calibration Calendar
  • GENERAL - Added dynamic Daily Deals in store based on account progression. These will be active in a future release.

  • GENERAL - Missing mod tile labels is fixed in Forced Update
  • GENERAL - Journey Guide Abilities visual for Jabba will be fixed in Forced Update
  • GENERAL - Squad Arena now properly saves datacrons in defensive squads if the datacron has been updated or rerolled.
  • GENERAL - Long Player Name UI adjustments have been made
  • GENERAL - Proving grounds will now correctly show star progress on the mission UI screen
  • GENERAL - Fixed issue with login calendars sometimes visually showing the player that they could "catch up" to the "next" day when not available
  • GENERAL - Changed GAC season scoring to utilize the division achieved by the player at the end of the season rather than what division that they competed in during the last round of the last event.
  • GENERAL - Fixed a bug where the incorrect battle location could be loaded.
  • UNIT - Fixed an issue where the Defense and Max Health increases from Bossk's Trandoshan Rage could sometimes not apply when he lost and immediately regained Taunt.
  • UNIT - Fixed an issue with Darth Sidious' Deathstroke where he wouldn't ignore defense if the enemy had enough Armor.
  • UNIT - Fixed issue which prevented Fennec Shand's Special ability, "I Don't Miss", from dealing damage to the weakest enemy once her contract was completed.

Player Questions:

Question: Are rolls for Mod Recalibration weighted the same?

Answer: Yes, you have an equal chance to roll onto all secondary stats. This includes the stat that you've selected to reroll.

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