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Hey everyone,

We will be taking the servers offline on September 13, 2023 to deploy Game Update 7.3.1a.

DATE: September 13, 2023
TIME: 7am-11am CT (12:00 - 16:00 UTC)
VERSION: 7.3.1a

Patch notes will be available later today, here: http://www.swtor.com/patchnotes 

Thank you for your patience as we maintain Star Wars™: The Old Republic™!

8 days ago - JackieKo - Direct link

Good morning, everyone!

We will be taking down all servers in approximately 15 minutes to deploy Game Update 7..3.1a. I'll update this thread when they come back up! 

8 days ago - JackieKo - Direct link

Hi everyone, 

Letting you all know as early as possible that we anticipate going over the 11am CT / 4pm UTC window, so we are extending downtime. I do not currently have an ETA on when the servers will be back up but I will be updating this thread the moment I have more information. 

8 days ago - JackieKo - Direct link

Hello everyone, 

Servers are coming back online now. We ran into some unexpected issues that required additional investigation and testing, but we're good to go now! Thank you for your patience! 

20 minutes ago - The SWTOR Team - Direct link
Game Update 7.3.1a


  • Players will no longer see map markers for Galactic Season 5 Missions that they are not currently on.

  • The conversation in Galactic Season 5: Chains or Freedom with Lord Umbral will no longer reset itself in some cases.

  • All mission items from the Galactic Season track are now Bound to Legacy (previously Bound to Character)

  • All Galactic Season 5 Mission items have been added to Collections.

  • Galactic Season 5 Mission items are now unlocked for purchase from the Galactic Season Rewards Vendor based on your Galactic Season level (previously was based on your Mission Progress).

  • Players will now be unable to activate Galactic Season 5 Mission items when inside of Flashpoints and Operations.

  • The Mandalorian Commander Helmet is no longer clipping with the Twi’lek’s lekku.

  • The Mandalorian Commander Helmet no longer shows the neck when worn, as it now has a fashionable neck piece!

  • Black Sun enemies in the Dockside Slums now respawn more quickly.

  • Text for the intro conversation with S3T-BNS now correctly appears in French and German.

  • Clipping issues with different body types have been resolved for the Emperor’s Chosen Mantle and Emperor’s Director Mantle Armor sets.

  • Selecting "It was nothing I couldn't handle..." in conversation with Mendi Dian in Chains or Freedom if you are a Jedi Consular or Jedi Knight should no longer cause the conversation to end in an error.

  • Players can now have multiple copies of "Brrazz's Gift: The Master's Top Secret Army" in their inventory and bank.

  • Clicking on the "Launch" button for "Old Wounds" while on Odessen will no longer block the Mission from progressing.

  • Corrected a rare instance where a dialog option during the mission Chains or Freedom would display as grayed out.

  • Corrected a typo in the mouse droid ability "Relaxation Disruption Protocol" on the Peace is a Lie Galactic Season 5 Mission.

  • The Unyielding Armasaur mount has been added to the Galactic Season vendor.

Quick Travel

  • Using the quick travel ability will now always open the world map to display all potential quick travel/bind points

  • The quick travel points will no longer show disabled when opening the map unless they truly are disabled.

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