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Countdown has a major issue and has had this issue since launch. This is an issue that is not reported on Trello.

Issue: When the final objective is completed and the supply box is made available, at least one player is disconnected from the entire game. This happens almost every match and may consist of multiple disconnects. The player(s) disconnected must exit the game and reconnect - outside of the Countdown.

Edit: Once the disconnect occurs, the player(s) cannot reach the extraction area -- this presents a couple of problems. Now, most of the rewards are with the final Hunters/NPCs, and no points will be rewarded. Lastly, there is no way for the disconnected player to reconnect in the match.

Hey there @PrimalInstinct4!

Sorry for the delay on my response to this thread. If you have experienced one of these disconnects yourself, do you have a picture or screenshot of the error message? If you do not personally have one, but you can get one from someone who has experienced the disconnect seeing the specific error someone gets when this disconnect happens could be very useful.

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