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These are not major but very annoying.........

BUG 1: I have mentioned this before but nothing got done about it, upon every login i am reminded that i have new Apparel with the symbol "!" on my screen and there is no way to get rid of it.....I have no new apparel.

I do think this is the cause of it:

BUG 2: Everytime i log in this option keeps defaulting back to default, i set it as "Favorite" but if i log out and back in it goes back to "Default"

BUG 3: Well not a bug more of a QoL, can we please have the option to turn this off in settings, this is more useful for players who have poor inventory management IMO:


over 1 year ago - Ubi-SleepyGoat - Direct link

Hey there @Oatiecrumble

Bug 1:

Before you noticed this issue with the new apparel notification, do you remember looting a cosmetic item that was not actually available in your inventory after picking it up? This has been known to happen when certain items drop "early," like what happened with some of the babyface gear a few seasons ago.

Bug 2:

This seems to be working as intended. Because the list view and default sort are intended to be the default options, you will need to re-open the settings and re-select them each time you open the game.


I can make a note of your feedback about the inventory indicators!

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Hey there @Oatiecrumble

Thanks for the response with your input on this. As the information has been onto the development team, they'll be investigating the mentioned issues more thoroughly to hopefully discover the cause and potential resolution.

I've passed on the favourite resetting to default option you mentioned as well, as there might be some confusion with it.
I apologize in the meantime for any inconvenience these things might have caused.

If you do have any more questions or concerns at all, please let us know!