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Hello there is a Bug / Exploit in connection with the double XP Event

  • Depending Hardcore and Softcore Mode

Starting a Session on Softcore and doing something that gives you XP, for example doing a kill. You´ll get for example 3200 XP on Softcore ! Dont complete the full 700.000 XP

Now changing to Hardcore you´ll see your XP will be another count as on your Softcore Char. For example 2421 XP, this will make that on your Hardcore Char the XP never reaches the 700.000 XP so you never will reach the 15 level counting on the double XP Event.

Consequently you can farm double XP inifinite until the event is ending.

Please fix that unfair Farming method


13 days ago - Ubi-Chiral - Direct link

Hi @Hardcore_1000!

Apologies for the delay getting back to your post!

To clarify, is this happening in specific modes? And is this able to be done on all platforms or only specific ones? Any further clarification you can provide would be appreciated so I can make sure this is something the team looks into!