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Imo, both the Medic and the Medic Operator need to be removed from the game or reworked ASAP.

If their primary job was to enter the fray and buff their comrades with extra health & give them armour, this would be acceptable, but as it stands, having them bring the dead back to life is, quite simply, embarrassingly bad game design.

For soloists, like myself, coming across these characters on Heroic or Legendary difficulty or having them as Guardians, as seen this week in the GE, then they're tantamount to cheating. Heroic & Legendary are challenging enough as it is, but when these enter the fray, you may as well quit the game, because you get absolutely nowhere with them, apart from wanting to smash your controller, TV, console, walls, etc, to bits.

Please consider this, because although I love The Division games, these characters are badly misjudged additions and are forcing myself to want to quit this franchise altogether.

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Hey all !

Thank you for your feedback on characters and the suggestions to make the game more balanced.

I'll make sure your feedback is passed on to the relevant team !

I'm also moving this thread to the General Discussions section, as in Player Support we try to focus on bugs and technical issues !

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Hey @noxious81,

Thank you kindly for taking the time out to update us and for sharing clarity.

If ever we can help in the future, just let us know.