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3 year old bug , still bugging! [Ps5] first time I play this Mission.

My video:


{Copy paste of another guy, he explains it well}

When doing the mission in the Tidal Basin stronghold, I've encountered a rather serious bug. I reached the point where I was supposed to kill a robodog with the cylinder on it and I think I did. Either that or it ran away - it's gone that's for sure. The problem is that the gates I have to proceed through did not open. So I couldn't continue with the mission. I tried killing myself but none of the explosives/grenades were strong enough. I left the stronghold to get killed at a control point - that didn't help either. So now I have to restart the mission. Back in 2019 this problem was reported by someone else and it hasn't been fixed yet. Why? How many times will I have to restart that mission to get past that point.

4 months ago - Ubi-Viral - Direct link

@nixkenixke Hey! Thank you for reporting this issue with the Tidal Basin, this is indeed something we are aware of.

Thank you for the video also, this is most useful. Other players have advised to not destroy the jammer at the back of the arena until the dog is dead.

Can you try this and let us know if this works for you.

Thank you.

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Hey guys,

Thank you for reaching out and confirming this persists for you.

Would it be at all possible to share an up to date video of this happening that the team can use to help their investigation?

Many thanks