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I have tried to do the Darpa time trial, yet I got crash/freeze by every room I could reach, then I gave up.


The problem must be be about the Engine and other apps hooking themselves into the 3D part where it hangs.
PC has a fresh Win10 install, other games work fine before you ask. FAQ solutions did not help.

Worth to mention when the freeze appears other apps with 3D Acceleration does hang too, like Discord became fully black and the opened Chrome tabs too.

Is there a PTS or something to help you guys find the problem?
I am even ok with downloading a test version or anything like that, just get this fixed.
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Hey all, and thanks, PazurColidace, for sharing your workaround! I'm hopeful this helps resolve the issue being encountered. I'd like to add that disabling background applications which are unnecessary may be helpful for improving gameplay performance, should things still seem strange while running your streaming software.
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RaZ_HU: Thanks for the update and let us know if you see any new results after option 4. However, please feel free to create a support ticket with your MSINFO and DxDIAG attached to take a look over the crashes you have been seeing when using Streamlabs OBS.

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Submit Dxdiag and Msinfo
Submit Dxdiag and Msinfo

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Disabling background applications
Disabling background applications

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