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As title says, still crashing post-fix. No error message, just a force close. Graphics drivers updated, using Nvidia's recommended settings, no other anomalies or commonality between crashes. Most happen in combat, but I have had a few outside combat and at the main menu before even loading the game. Also verified files, nothing corrupted. Fresh install. Can't find anything like a crash or error log.
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Hey there, dpfox86. Sorry to hear you're encountering these crashes. I'd like to see if we can't address these by preforming some general troubleshooting for your system. It may also help to ensure that any unnecessary background applications are disabled while playing.
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Thanks for providing this feedback and sorry to hear you have not been able to get this resolved using the troubleshooting steps provided. If you cannot resolve this with our basic troubleshooting we would require further information to be able to get this looked into. If possible could you provide your system reports along with as much information as possible using the steps advised at the bottom of our troubleshooting support article, or for ease of access the links below:

Generating a DirectX Diagnostic Report

Generating a Microsoft System Information Report

Once we have this information our technical support team will be able to look into this and assist you further.

Apologies for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused.

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