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In the game there has been a noticeable bug that has continued to persist for at least the last two years. Game inventory layout preferences reset to default and have to constantly be set back preferred settings. For example, I have my layout set to side-by-side items with a preference for new to show up first. It resets to the vertical list and default sort order. Was this a known issue that is being addressed? Deleting the local save from the console and clearing cache does not work, neither does reinstalling the game and reloading the save from the cloud.

Hey @Knowledge_VIG,

Thank you for taking the time out to let us know about this.

For clarity, can I just check if this resets every time you launch the game or during play through?

Many thanks

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Hello @Knowledge_VIG,

Thank you for the update. This definitely doesn't sound right - can I kindly ask you to provide us with a short video of this occurring, so we can investigate it further for you?

Many thanks and if you have any additional questions, please let us know.