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Hidden Alliance > Captain Lewis > Federal Triangle

First off, this is far & away the best manhunt in all of Division canon. Not sure what y'all did, but the enemy is more ruthless, more persistent, smarter, will follow you as you retreat back multiple floors, etc.

Issue manifests towards the end of the Hidden Alliance season, where you hunt for Captain Lewis within Federal Triangle. At the end, you're tasked with neutralizing one Jack Bonney, which takes place in the wide circular courtyard. 

Twice now, after eliminating all enemy, including Jack Bonney and getting his dropped loot, game play thinks there are additional enemy, continues the prompts to "Neutralize Jack Bonney" and "Secure the area". There are ZERO enemy remaining in the courtyard. There is ZERO tasks to complete, at least that I can observe.

No options remain other than to fast travel out and start over.

I am about to undertake this mission for a THIRD time in 12 hours. Hoping i can figure out what I am missing, or what is triggering what really feels like a bug.

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@seannarae Hey! Welcome to Discussions!

I'm sorry that you are having trouble with getting this quest completed. I apologize for the frustration this has caused! @Noxious81 brings up a good point though. I have also run into issues playing the game where I'm stuck in combat or something and can't figure out why, only to find a random enemy was behind a door/wall for some reason. I would give the suggestions that @Noxious81 mentioned a try and see if they help.

If they don't though, I will ask if you can please gather a video showing this so that if this is a bug (and it could very well be one) I can have a video to pass along to the dev team to investigate. If you record a video, please upload it to a sharing website like YouTube or Google Drive and share the link here so I can take a look.

Thanks in advance!